Buzz! Hemp Brewed beer. Yum


Going To The Gorge AGAIN Labor Day Weekend To See Dave Matthews Band (:

This just looks amazing


"My heart was made of broken bones
My Soul’s a bag of stick and stone
And out along this dusty road
You have come my love to take me home

I give to you my everything
You’ve given me these loving wings
And angels have all gathered round
to hear me sing my love out loud

You lightly lifted me away
Out of a darkness, cold and gray
And I work beneath the midday sun
My cool blue water you have come”

This is the annual DMB at the Gorge in Washington state weekend. A bucket list dream for sure.

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Where do you go when you’re lonely
Where do you go when you’re blue
Where do you go when you’re lonely
I’ll follow you
When the stars go blue

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My mom asked me last night if she should divorce her husband. A week after her heart bypass surgery, a year and a half after her husband began his treatments for tongue cancer, on top of being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

He still smokes … with tongue cancer on top of being zero help for years that I’ve seen and turned a blind eye. And she has served him everyday without question.

But now it’s about her. It has to be. She can’t help him anymore. And he never helps her, nor has he. She’s protected him, cared for him through all his health issues and I watched him walk away from Carole last night. Removing his chemo pack and refusing to wear it. She shouldn’t have to watch him kill himself when she’s trying so hard to improve to live. She can’t help him any more, she can barely help herself.

She needs strength, she needs to move on with self and grow. At 68 she still can. And she is not going to look like a bad wife to me or any of her friends from what I can see.

She has my heart. She shouldn’t have to deal with this now. She’s on her island. And everyone wants their parent to “fade” gracefully.

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… I am still thirsty

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GPOYW: took a night off from the hospital. I’ve only spent a few hours with 17 or 14 in the past week plus. And I haven’t slept in two days. My heads been elsewhere. Better days ahead.




Paul Simon, Jack White, & Eddie Vedder at the Mariners game.

I can’t


I dont know how to feel about that, y’all.

That’s looks to be a Tigers jersey on Vedder.


The National - Slow Show (Live, acoustic)

The National: Slow Show (acoustic)

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O’Death - Bugs

"I’ve been wasting most my time living for the day"

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… Silences all the demons in my head.

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"We’re wrapped in our embrace… While we were dreaming"

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Ryan Adams & Laura Marling | Oh My Sweet Carolina

An amazing version of a great song.

"… May you one day carry me home"

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 I Like to Go to the Barn Because I Like The + Rain (requested)

"I’d like to think I’m the mess you’d wear with pride"

Great song and one of my fave lyric lines ever.

Music saves.

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Civilian by Wye Oak

Wye Oak: Civilian

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