Out of Cardiac ICU exhausted. Finally in her own room. A lot less machines. Time for her to start making steps on her own. Carole (mom) can have this.


DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s “Turn Down For What” video is most certainly what the world didn’t know it needed in 2014. A bombast of manic gyrations and controlled chaos that up’s the ante just about every second in it’s 3 minute and 44 second running time.

It was made by the beloved DANIELS and has now been nominated for 4 MTV Video Music Awards. You can vote for one of them right here. Do it.  

This video is about gyrating people with superpowers or something like that. Funny to watch.

QuestionIn all of your travels, what has been your favorite beer discovery and why? Answer

Best beer story. Drinking a goose island Matilda in honor of boobiefeckles when she missed the tweet up on a rooftop bar on in Chicago. Because she had a bad travel experience and sending her some love was appropriate, bonus the same day at wrigley searching for the one green line tap with stupon.

QuestionWhat is your favorite daydream? Answer

My best daydream was when I gave 50 cents to a woman who needed change for a meter. The rest is history. ;)

QuestionWhat 3 songs make you smile and wanna dance? Answer

Three songs that make me smile and want to dance:

1. Biggie: Juicy. Because … what you don’t know … Now you know.

2. DMB: Dream Girl. Because it says summer, love and fun.

3. Sam Cooke: Bring it on home to me. Because I once saw my neighbor and his wife dancing in their house in the middle of their picture window alone as I was walking one evening and I was singing that song to myself under my breathe. And it was as if I was singing to them. It was lovely and something I will never forget.

QuestionWhat's your favorite color? Why? Answer

Green. Because I always have loved the color of grass and growth in nature and it’s says newness and fresh to me.

The cords going into my mom resemble the cords behind my Entertainment center. She’s having a better day today. :)

Sitting in a waiting room listening to a family try and get a different doctor to help their mother. She’s 90 and won’t stop bleeding internally. They tried to get her artery to stop all day. She’s had surgery. They say she’s in massive pain. The bleeding will not stop, they are demanding more blood. Even though the doctors are saying she’s losing it as fast as she is getting it.

They are calling every Catholic Church to get them to help in anyway.

When is it time to just start remembering the person that they once were … She is 90, and just let her rest.

Things you hear at in the cardiac ICU.

Some nights a drink and to chill and have your back scratched or rubbed, with the feeling of reassurance goes miles.

This day is done. Sleep well all.

Thanks again for being the powerful people in my phone. Many of you I’ve met in travels or meet ups. I’m grateful to have all of you for support and outreach.

Be well.

In Youngstown Ohio. Trees grow from buildings … As blue collar as it gets. Needed a Hospital break.


Ladies & Gentlemen, may we introduce roots music’s latest supergroup: The New Basement Tapes, led by T Bone Burnett and featuring Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes, Jim James, Rhiannon Giddens and Mumford and Sons’ Marcus Mumford.

Hear their latest single “Nothing to It,” written by Bob Dylan.

This looks to be an amazing recording. Can’t wait to hear it all.

  1. Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark III
  2. Aperture: f/3.5
  3. Exposure: 1/125th
  4. Focal Length: 37mm

She’s in her room in cardio ICU recovering. Her poor health and weight set her back. She had 5 arteries repaired, and a few other surgical issues. She is still having some complication from her heart attack on Sunday and might forever. She needs to get healthy and exercise that’s the facts and she knows that.

This is truly a wake up call personally to make every change now get healthy and make positive changes.

Thanks again for all the positive thoughts.

From a waiting room in a hospital is no fun. Moms on her way into surgery … Just waiting now.

Thanks again for all the notes and positive encouragement.

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